Left to Right: Arch Brown, Dick Aisbett (President of SWGFL), Barry Johnson (President Berwick FC), Jim Hower (Secretary Berwick FC), Cr Ron Irwin (V-Pres. Berwick FC. President 1978 Premiership), Jim ‘Frosty’ Miller, (Senior player -Kicked 202 goals in 1977), Alan Moulden, John Wright (BFC Treasurer), Lyle McGill (B.F.C J/Vice President), Frank Elliott (Past President BFC and then VCFL District Delegate), Peter Robinson (Team Manager for BFC and Trainer SWGFL), John Callery (Senior Player, B & F), Daryl Nisbett (Senior Coach 1977 – 1980), Bill Williamson (Life Member of BFC, SWGFL and VCFL).

The W. J. Williamson pavilion was officially opened by Cr. Jack Kirkham in 1978 and named in recognition of Bill Williamson’s 52 years of continuing service to the Berwick Football Club. On the same day Cr Bill Hudson named the entire reserve after Arch Brown in recognition of his 58 years continued service to the Berwick Football Club. Bill & Arch were still the club’s gatekeepers in 1978. 1978 was a notable year apart from the opening and naming of the pavilion and ground, Berwick won it’s second consecutive senior premiership in the SWGFL. Local legend “Frosty” Jim Miller kicked a then record of 201 goals in the year.

Norman Tivendale played his first senior game with Footscray but was suspended in his second game for striking Robert Walls.

Norm joined Matt Johnson at Footscray and Michael Tuck (Hawthorn) who had recently made the VFL debuts.

A big thanks to Ron Irwin for forwarding the above information and whose involvement was from 1960 to 1981 (moved to Benalla), but collected, recorded and published much of the history of the club weekly, which was passed on by Ted Maudsley who kept the club history and published a club Football Record during the 1950’s. Ron published the Berwick Barracker weekly from 1968 until 1979 with the assistance of Heather Curtis.

Ron, a former player, captain, Junior Coach, Secretary, President and Life Member of the Berwick Football Club, oversaw or built almost every building that stands on the Arch Brown reserve.